Ms. Isolda P. Kahlo, the niece of Frida Kahlo, had an extraordinary relationship with her aunt. The admiration, devotion and respect that Isolda felt for Frida, has today become a permanent committed desire and effort by the Frida Kahlo Corporation to transmit her legacy.

With the growing number of Frida Kahlo fanatics and followers worldwide, the Frida Kahlo Corporation along with the support of the Kahlo family is dedicated to educating, sharing and preserving Frida Kahlo’s art, image and legacy.


The Frida Kahlo Corporation has established a charitable giving program that will partner with private and public institutions to support foundations and organizations for women and children in need. These groups provide the necessary social services such as counseling, parental education, assistance in funding the bare necessities to live, and other services to lead families to independence and to a new beginning, a better place. Our goal is to channel some of the existing generosity, positive energy and support by Frida Kahlo’s followers to worthy community based organizations that are committed daily to improving the life of women and children.

We will use the term “Frida Foundation” for making these charitable contributions. Frida Kahlo was and continues to be an inspiration to many women of different backgrounds worldwide due to her strong independent nature, resiliency, tremendous character and passion and love for life.

Trade Marks

The Frida Kahlo Corporation owns the rights to the Frida Kahlo brand worldwide.